Head Spa Brush 1 Pc

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It's a beautiful and elegant hair brush which often finishes straight into a vibrant head. Generated by La CASTA official mind specialist and designed. Make use of unique diverse tresses (pig locks, nylon hair). How you can use: Brushing forehead: With a feeling like extending the lines on the quantity of concern, to a pleasant level while picking up the bangs. Brush on the side area: Brushing from the side area to the backside of the top is useful for lift up. The best side is clean with the left hand and also the left side with the best hands. Swipe of the roof of the top: When brushing in order to put on pressure coming from the backside of the head towards the upper part of the top while turning the head of his slightly downward. In addition, it brings down neck as well as stiff neck by hair scalp stroke impact.

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