Kome To Hakko All In One Gel 150G

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Hydrate the skin of yours by obviously created from ten varieties of grain substances and also five sorts of fermented yeast substances. Purupuru gel enters the stratum corneum. It's an all-in-one gel which could be moist and also moisturized. Evening and also morning, this's all you will need after cleansing the face of yours. It's an all-in-one gel with 6 functions (skin lotion, pack, cream, milky lotion, serum, makeup base). Multifunctional hydrating gel enters into the stratum corneum of skin and also traps plenty of moisture. It's a non sticky atmosphere that meets wet & helps to keep the skin of yours fresh for some time now. Combined with ten forms of rice derived ingredients (one) plus five types of fermenting yeast based ingredients (two) (moisturizing ingredients). The skin's common hydrating strength is altered, thus your skin is brimming with moisture from the interior. Combines two kinds of lactic acid microorganisms (three), three kinds of hyaluronic acid (four), and two forms of vitamin C derivatives (five) (moisturizing ingredients) to perk up your skin with dazzling transparency and firmness. If you happen to make use of a lot more before bedtime, you are able to truly feel your skin of the following morning as a result of group impact. It is able to further be put on for whole body moisturizing management including limbs and also neck. Relatively tangy, with no smell, absolutely no dyes, absolutely no mineral oil, silicone free, petroleum based surfactant free. Grain extract, rice bran extract, grain knot sphingoglycolipid, rice bran oil, grain germ motor oil, reason lees extract. hydrolyzed grain extract, hydrolyzed grain proteins, oryzanol, glyceryl glucoside. Rice fermentation broth, yeast extract, hydrolyzing yeast, hydrolyzing yeast extract, Saccharomyces way of life lysate. Lactobacillus / dairy fermented solution (dairy), Lactobacillus / soy dairy fermented solution. Na hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na. Ascorbyl glucoside, Ascorbyl phosphate Mg. The right way to use: After cleansing the face of yours, have a suitable volume (two to three pearls) and put it on to all areas of the experience. Pack Size - 150g

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